List of Security Groups for an AD User

There are numerous variables to consider when troubleshooting why a user got an application they shouldn’t have, or why they aren’t getting the one app they really need.

Configuration Manager administrators must troubleshoot all possibilities starting first with making sure that deployments are setup correctly and then checking the membership of each collection. When searching through Active Directory (AD) security groups, it might not be easy to tell if a user belongs to a group or not, especially if your organization uses nested security groups. If you have nested security groups, your problem is now a lot more complex.

Fortunately, you can leverage Active Directory User Discovery, Active Directory System Discovery and Active Directory Security Group Discovery in order to see what users and computers belong to a specific AD security group. Unfortunately, there isn’t a built-in report available in Configuration Manager that can put all of this information together and help you determine if a user belongs to a security group or not.

Enhansoft’s List of Security Groups for an AD User report leverages the built-in Configuration Manager discovery methods listed above. All in one place, you can see a user’s membership groups in AD, and better yet, you can see the nested security groups too!

This easy-to-read report puts all of the vital details that you need for troubleshooting at your fingertips! No longer do you have to guess or open multiple Active Directory User and Computer (ADUC) consoles just to see the security group memberships of a single user!

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Enhansoft Reporting – List of Security Groups for an AD User

The List of Security Groups for an AD User report is found within Enhansoft Reporting’s Local Accounts and Groups category. This category of reports provides details about local accounts on each computer as well as the membership of each local security group. This is particularly useful when performing a security audit of all computers within your Configuration Manager environment. Once this category of reports is installed, you can also create a collection with all of the computers that have a particular application or program.

The full report set of Local Accounts and Groups includes:

Would you find it useful to know all of the AD security groups a user belongs to in one report? Then get the List of Security Groups for an AD User report NOW!

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